Speaking Down Barriers

Speaking Down Barriers works with people, communities, organizations, and institutions to build an equitable world with healing and justice. Through tools such as spoken word poetry, transformative dialogue, workshops, and deep listening taught by their versatile team, Speaking Down Barriers offers encounters to transform lives together and use human differences as a source of strength.

In honor of Juneteenth on June 19th, Speaking Down Barriers continuously contributes to this observance by facilitating creative spaces for dialogue and transformation to proclaim freedom and Equity For All. As this day approaches, the organization hopes people grow in awareness of the history and significance of Juneteenth. Specifically, the “freedom” celebrated on Juneteenth only came about 2 ½ years after the enslaved people were declared free from the Emancipation Proclamation. Speaking Down Barriers diligently brings the impact of racism and oppression to the focus by providing a space for brave dialogue to occur through artistic mediums. While these conversations make people uncomfortable, it also evokes the opportunity for people to examine their own biases that impact how we live.

In their Linktree, Speaking Down Barriers has many workshops, events, and resources for the opportunity to be a part of these conversations. Speaking Down Barriers also works with organizations to navigate cultural differences, click here to learn more about training opportunities. Click here to make a donation to Speaking Down Barriers and help build a multi-ethnic community to make Equity for All a reality.