Brew Good: The Charles Lea Center

Flourishing SimpLea Produce Program

Currently the Charles Lea Foundation is working on funding an expansion to SimpLea Produce, a spray-free, state-of-the-art greenhouse on the Center’s campus where individuals are trained in all aspects of the hydroponic growing process. These individuals earn wages while also gaining independence and contributing to the community through providing healthy produce for sale to local Upstate restaurants and on their website. As these enthusiastic team members nurture plant life they too are growing. Rooted in a place of belonging and the satisfaction of a job well done, they are thriving!  We must continue to enhance the important work of the Center to ensure it is prepared to meet the needs of the community for generations to come. The CLC Foundation is committed to just that and they need your support for the exciting projects like the expansion of the SimpLea Produce program and others that will position the Center well for the future.


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