Three chances to support the Spartanburg Area Conservancy this week!

Join The Spartanburg Area Conservancy (SPACE) for a weekend with Teddy Roosevelt, the “Conservationist President”, Nov 11 – 13! Joe Wiegand is considered the world’s premiere Theodore Roosevelt reprisor and will be in Spartanburg for three days to connect, through SPACE, with the Spartanburg community.

Some of the lasting effects of President Roosevelt’s legacy present in Spartanburg today include the robust and still thriving textile industry and protection of our beautiful natural resources that have for centuries served a diverse and complicated purpose. The textile mill harnessed the strength of our plentiful and powerful rivers, while the foothills and calmer waterways have fed our collective soul for generations. Conservation organizations like Spartanburg Area Conservancy could not exist without widespread appreciation for these resources and constant effort to protect them.

The Spartanburg Area Conservancy, SPACE, is a nonprofit organization that is the second-oldest local land trust in South Carolina. They use various conservation tools such as tax-saving conservation easements, donations, and bargain sales to protect significant lands. About 85% of their support comes from the local community and every dollar given to SPACE contributes to their mission of promoting, protecting, and preserving natural resources and open spaces in the community. SPACE works with local landowners to customize their protection strategy to their unique piece of property. 

SPACE maintains several land properties in the Spartanburg area such as the Cottonwood Trail Preserve, Glendale Shoals Preserve, Upper Chinquapin Greenway, and the Cleveland Preserve Farm. These lands are protected to preserve the character of it’s unique natural features, geological formations, and rare and endangered animals or plant species. Learn more about these individual trails and come take a hike to observe Spartanburg’s natural beauty. 

SPACE offers various support opportunities directly to the organization or by serving at one of their trails. For the Cottonwood Trail Boardwalk that was recently restored, there are sponsorship opportunities such as purchasing a commemorative plaque in honor of a loved one and so much more. You could sponsor a picnic table for any of SPACE’s properties to give trail walkers a moment to rest on their trails. There are also corporate opportunities for organizations to get involved with SPACE. Click here to learn more about becoming a supporter of SPACE.