Mental Fitness

Mental Fitness Inc. is a nonprofit charitable organization whose mission is to encourage open conversations about mental health and teach healthy coping skills through engaging activities and artistic expression. Mental Fitness  strengthens communities by reducing the mental health stigma to prevent the development of emotional and behavioral disorders. The organization connects those who need treatment with their partnering qualified medical or mental health professionals. Through activities and workshops, materials, and resources, Mental Fitness connects people with the best suited option for them to receive proper treatment and growth. One of these is Wellness Workshops which are designed to recognize emotional or behavioral disorders and provide practical coping skills. 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and Mental Fitness wishes that more people know that many of those who struggle with a mental disorder do not seek help because of shame, guilt, and fear for what others may think of them. As a community, it is crucial that we help reduce the stigma around mental health and encourage healthy ways to cope with stress, anxiety and depression.

Mental Fitness plays an important role in reducing the number of individuals in need of professional help and teaching others healthy ways to cope with mental illness. There are 504 individuals for every one mental health counselor and this number continues to grow. Mental Fitness helps prevent the development of emotional and behavioral disorders so the number of individuals in need for professional intervention decreases. Also, Mental Fitness has reached over 80,000 individuals and arranged over 700 Wellness Workshops since 2020 and continues to build a community where everyone manages their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a healthy way. Mental Fitness relies on support from the community to support our initiatives through volunteers, leaders, and interns to assist with their efforts throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Support Mental Fitness by sharing information about their organization, getting involved with the organization, or donating towards their efforts.