Hub City Animal Project

Founded in 2014, The Hub City Animal Project encourages animal welfare groups, veterinarians, and municipalities to collaborate against the root of animal homelessness by creating long-term change and reducing shelter intake. 

Millions of pets are sent to shelters due to lack of owner’s financial resources, pet information, veterinary care, or any circumstance that compromises animal welfare or threatens the pet-owner relationship. The Hub City Animal Project proactively addresses these issues by funding and empowering the organizations in the Spartanburg area that work to prevent animals from entering the shelter and rescue system. The organization also educates animal owners about the root causes of animal homelessness and proper animal treatment, preventing pets from homelessness or potential health problems. 

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The Ultimate Pet Photo Contest is back! 

The Hub City Animal Project is thrilled to announce their Ultimate Pet Photo Contest for Spartanburg pet parents to submit the best photos of their pets! Photos can be submitted from October 18 – November 3, 2021, and the photo voting period will be open from November 4 – 18, 2021. The two photos with the most votes will win take home cash prizes and pet-friendly gifts from local businesses. The winners of the contest will be announced at the FURMAGEDDON VI celebration on Saturday, November 20th on Morgan Square. FURMAGEDDON VI is a family and pet-friendly gathering that will kick off the 8-week Chaser the Border Collie Scavenger Hunt andl feature a student art exhibit from their “Painting for Paws” program. The proceeds from the pet photo contest will go towards benefitting the organization’s mission to fight animal homelessness in Spartanburg County. 

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Join the Chaser Scavenger Hunt, November 20th in Morgan Square! 

The Chaser the Border Collie Scavenger Hunt honors the new Chaser the Border Collie Statue on Morgan Square placed next to the Daniel Morgan monument. Chaser was a Spartanburg native border collie known as the world’s most intelligent dog. Her owner, Dr. John Pilley, was a professor at Wofford College and worked with Chaser to teach her the largest vocabulary of any nonhuman animal. Known as “the dog who knows 1,000 words,” Chaser and Dr. Pilley’s story has been shared in hundreds of media publications and psychological journals. Unfortunately, Dr. Pilley passed away in 2018, and Chaser passed away in 2019. Still, a bronze statue of Chaser and Dr. Pilley is placed in the center of downtown Spartanburg to illustrate the unbreakable bond between humans and animals with the community. 

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Donate or Become a Member 

Donating or becoming a member fights the issues at the root of animal homelessness and suffering in our community. Hub City Animal Project members help make an extraordinary impact by empowering animal welfare groups with the resources they need to give Spartanburg animals a chance at health, happiness, and a safe home. Your membership directly supports spay and neuter programs, education on proper pet care, subsidizing the costs of veterinary care in low-income communities, and so much more. Click here to donate or become a member of the Hub City Animal Project!