Angels Charge Ministry

Join Angels Charge Ministry for A Heavenly Evening!

Angels Charge Ministry is hosting A Heavenly Evening on September 29th from 6:30 – 8:30 pm at the Episcopal Church of the Advent. This evening will consist of a delicious dinner, music, inspiring speakers, and fellowship to raise awareness of female recidivism and the crucial need for transitional housing and programming. The reception will begin at 6:30 pm and the dinner and program will start at 7 pm. Join this night in support of Angels Charge Ministry and buy tickets here

Angel Charge Ministry’s mission to support local women in finding a new way of life after incarceration. The organization was founded in 2014 by Pastor Nannie Jefferies to help women who completed their sentences with the needed tools for a successful reentry into society such as transitional housing, encouraging higher education, batting drug relapses, stopping return to criminal behavior, and preventing return to jail. Angels Charge Ministry now provides the critical step of transitional housing for 12 – 18 months which helps women change their life patterns. 

Angels Charge Ministry has two residential houses that can host up to 11 women at once. Each of the houses comes with a full kitchen, laundry room, living space, and a room for each woman in the program. The organization has the goal of adding three more homes and needs help from the community whether through donating a home or financing a home. Click here for more details.

There are a variety of ways to support Angels Charge Ministry financially or by assisting with needs they are asking of the community. Click here to learn more about ways you can help expand their transitional housing. Another way to support Angels Charge Ministry is to shop from the Angels Charge Ministry shop. Click here to donate towards Angels Charge Ministry and their mission of supporting local women in finding a new way of life after incarceration.