Speaking Down Barriers

Collective Liberation Takes Equity for All

Speaking Down Barriers is a team of listeners, healers, artists, researchers, teachers, theologians, & creatives who work together┬áto offer encounters that transform our life together across human difference. Speaking Down Barriers’ mission is Equity for all. They have two strategic imperatives; end oppression and value everyone.

Collective liberation requires all of us working toward equity for all. We believe in a world of co-flourishing. How can our communities flourish?

Consider supporting us with a financial gift as a step in that direction. Every contribution matters, no gift is too small. Help us make equity for all a reality.

Using spoken word poetry, transformative dialogue, workshops, and deep listening as tools, Speaking Down Barriers works with people, communities, organizations, & institutions to build an equitable world through healing & justice. Rather than our human differences of race, class, sexual orientation, gender, national identity, and religion act as sources of division, they can be the source of our collective strength.

Support Speaking Down Barriers’ vision to create beloved multiethnic community where everyone has what they need to thrive and no one lives in fear! #unbutu #iambecauseweare #equityforall #endoppression #valueeveryone #spokenword #poetrysaveslives #fuelthework