Spartanburg County Public Libraries

Spartanburg County Public Libraries inspire people to pursue lifelong learning for a thriving Spartanburg County.

Spartanburg’s first public library opened on October 17, 1885, on the top floor of a two-story building facing Kennedy Place in the central business district of downtown Spartanburg. The library was opened thanks to a gift from Mrs. Helen Fayssoux Kennedy in honor of her husband, Dr. Lionel Chalmers Kennedy, a well-known and respected physician who had died five years earlier.

The Spartanburg County Public Libraries has grown significantly in the last 137 years. Operating with a staff of approximately 200 in an effort to deliver the best service possible to the citizens of Spartanburg County, today the Libraries offer 10 full-service local libraries and a Bookmobile. Each location provides a variety of programming for children, teens and adults and is equipped with meeting room facilities, free internet access, and shelves full of books, magazines, movies, music and more. For those who are not able to come into a library, Homebound Services delivers books to shut-ins almost every day. Additionally, many downloadable books and resources are available on their website. Also, visit the Libraries on our social networking sites – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.