Hub City Farmers Market

Support Hub City Farmers Market by purchasing a bag, apron or Tshirts! Our other items can be found on our website: 

Donation Statement: With a mission to increase supply, access, and demand of healthy, local food in Spartanburg, we are making a tangible difference in people’s lives. Our programs help break down barriers for low-income families to put healthy food on their table, teach children and youth about the importance of eating healthy by showing them where their food comes from, and help to grow business for local farmers and small businesses.

Hub City Farmers Market is a non-profit organization that relies on community support and donations to thrive. When we grow, we improve, and when we improve we’re able to make a bigger, better impact on the Spartanburg community. You can create life changing experiences for young people and make healthy, local food available to everyone in your community with a gift today!

Can also Text GIVE to 864-319-0827