Hope Center For Children

Light Up TLP

The mission of Hope Center for Children is to build stable, healthy families and to provide children a safe place from abuse and neglect.

An inviting porch light, the warm glow of living room lights on a cold night, or the smell of a freshly roasted chicken are just a few of many things that might greet residents as they arrive at HCFC’s Transitional Living Program (TLP). For many of us, it is not even possible to imagine a life without electricity, but for many youths we serve, it has all-too-often been a part of their most recent experiences.

TLP is home to 8 youth, including a space for a young mother and child. Often, our residents arrive with nothing but what they can carry. They are in crisis, experiencing homelessness, possibly sleeping in their car or on a friend’s couch. They might have been kicked out of their homes, even while finishing high school. With very few options for housing or assistance, TLP is critically needed in our community.

For Giving Tuesday 2021, our goal is to “Light Up TLP” by raising funds to cover all utilities for the next year. Any amount raised over $11,000 will be used for additional TLP operating costs.