BirthMatters has supported maternal and child reproductive health in Spartanburg County since 2007 when they received a planning grant from the Mary Black Foundation and was housed by Spartanburg Regional Healthcare Foundation. BirthMatters reduces teen pregnancy through reproductive health education and empowers expectant young adults to raise healthy families through doulas utilizing the community health worker model.

There are various ways BirthMatters reaches the larger Spartanburg community through their mission with their programs Celebrating Families and The Breastfeeding Friendly Business. Both of these initiatives along with volunteering and fundraising events allow for the community to collaborate with BirthMatters in spreading awareness of reproductive health and family preparation with Spartanburg county. 

BirthMatters provides various resources to the Spartanburg community regarding reproductive health education and prevention services for teen pregnancy such as Doula Care Services and  iMatter. Click here to learn more about the ways BirthMatters spreads awareness about reproductive health throughout the Spartanburg community and how you can become more involved in working with BirthMatters. 
Becoming a sponsor or attending a fundraising event greatly contributes to BirthMatters and their donations contribute to providing intensive doula services to expectant mothers and prevent teen pregnancy in Spartanburg County. Click here to donate to BirthMatters and spread their mission throughout the Spartanburg community.